The Allay™ Aortic Stent

The Allay™ Aortic Stent is the only treatment for Type B aortic dissections (TBAD) and residual dissections designed to recentralize blood flow inside the true lumen, and reduce false lumen volume, while preserving branch perfusion.
The multilayer braided construction aims to provide best-in-class support to the aortic wall while its porosity enables adequate blood flow to branch arteries.

Increase in true lumen dimensions1
Low rate of reintervention at 1-year1
Low rate of device-related neurological complications1

1. Costache, et al. J Endovasc Ther. 2021;28(1) 20-31.

The Allay™ Aortic Stent is currently investigated in the
DRAGON clinical study in Europe (NCT03033771).

Allay™ Aortic Stent key benefits

Multi-layer braided self-expanding stent aims to provide superior support to the aortic wall.

• Reliably secures the dissection flap to the aortic wall, even in the case of advanced chronicity
• Suitable for full coverage of the dissected aorta, to minimize re-entry
• Produces recentralized flow in the true lumen, contributing to aortic remodeling

Advanced open cell design ensures adequate porosity, while preserving flow to branch arteries critical to end organ perfusion.

• Minimizes risk of paraplegia and stroke1
• Minimizes risk of renal failure1
• High rate of branch perfusion1

1. Costache, et al. J Endovasc Ther. 2021;28(1) 20-31.

Ready-to-treat stent minimizes delays due to stent graft customization and virtually-deployed stent sizing software provides personalized procedural planning.

• Eliminates the need for adjunct bypass surgery
• Compatible with elephant trunk/hybrid procedures to treat residual dissection
• Demonstrated high procedural success and average procedure time of 80 minutes


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