The Allay® Aortic Stent wins the 2024 Prix Galien for Most Promising Design

News – 14/03/2024

The Prix Galien, often likened to the Nobel Prize of medical innovation on the international stage, celebrates the most significant advancements in healthcare.

Originally awarded in France, this prestigious award has expanded to 15 different countries, reflecting the growing involvement of companies in biomedical research and development. Since 2023, The award has been divided into two events: The Prix Galien Medical Devices and The Prix Galien pharmaceuticals.

This year, The Galien Ceremony for Medical Devices took place in Brussels, coinciding with the MedTech Meetup where Diane, Chief Strategy Officer of Intressa Vascular, pitched our project.

For Intressa Vascular, this recognition as medical device with the most promising design from the Galien Foundation acknowledges the innovative characteristics of the stent, which relays on its mechanical properties and 3D-porosity to provide extensive coverage of the dissected aorta, aiming at reducing the need for reintervention and the frequency of side effects.

The satisfaction is even greater as this award comes from experts in medical and academic fields, underscoring our ability to meet the critical needs of the medical community.

This victory strengthens our determination to continue our mission of innovation and supports our efforts in bringing a better treatment option for aortic dissection.

About Intressa Vascular

Intressa Vascular (, located in Gembloux, Belgium, is providing innovative solutions to address life-threatening cardiovascular conditions such as aortic dissection. Intressa Vascular has developed a proprietary braiding technology platform allowing to produce multilayer stent. Its Allay® Aortic Stent is the only treatment for Type B aortic dissections (TBAD) and residual dissections designed to reopen the true lumen along the dissected aorta while preserving branch perfusion, via a streamlined procedure with a low risk of complications.

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